Project Partners

Project partners with Channel 4 news discussing renovations and future plans. Emily Tucker, Benjaman Gallery Owner and project partner; Katie Alexander Channel 4; Tyra Johnson Hux, Project Owner’s Rep; Rachel Heckl Owner & PM and Kyra Hux Communications, PR and overall day-brightener.
More of the core project team: (left to right) Rebecca Masters, BRD construction, Bonnie Dannie, financial manager, Erika Abondezieri, lead architect, Tyra Johnson Hux, Owner’s Rep, Rachel Heckl, Owner/Project Manager.
The Savarino development team – Kevin Hayes, Courtney Cox, Sam Savarino and Kevin Martin. Savarino’s team brought the full arts campus concept together for City planning review and continues to provide development services to the project.

Construction Underway 2016-2021

New addition foundation poured in 2020. The new addition will provide a back stage, storage and utility spaces for the commercial kitchen and a loading dock.
Roof work on all four sides of the building replaced hundreds of square feet of failing slate roof, repaired leaking dormers, installed new internal gutters and rebuilt flat roofs over the entrances on Richmond and West Ferry.
A rendering of one of the future first floor dance rehearsal spaces planned in the former church. The mezzanine above will become an open office space adjacent to locker rooms and showers. The first floor space is modular and can easily convert to a small performance/presentation space or black box seating around 100 people.

Amanda Browder’s “Spectral Locus” 2016

“Spectral Locus” by Amanda Browder 2016. Photographed by Rachel Heckl. For a brief moment before construction commenced, we had a chance to host a remarkable public art piece. Thanks to AKG Public Art Department, thousands of viewers enjoyed this fabric installation over two weeks.