April 5 marked the Richmond Ferry Church’s first pop-up event “CURVATURE: a fusion of visual art and dance.”

Curvature acted as the primary revival of the Richmond Ferry Church. Benjaman Gallery  the first anchor tenant to live within the Richmond Ferry Church announced plans to establish a modern gallery, exclusively  from the 19th and 20th century  inside the Richmond Ferry Church.  Behind the church lives a fantastic warehouse, where the Benjaman Contemporary Gallery plans to open a high-caliber urban gallery, which will feature the work of living artists living regionally and internationally.

Watts architectural firm has been chosen to take on the Church project, and renovations to both spaces will begin straight away.

Curvature  a unique pop-up event occurred at The Hi-Temp FAB gallery in downtown Buffalo.  Visitors to the CURVATURE were treated to over 50 works of original art, a 5 part dance concert by Biggs & Co. and the BCIJPG, as well as  live painting by Hugo Rodriguez and the premier of a stunning vignette by Jim Bush: the piece entitled “be mused” was filmed inside the Richmond Ferry Church on a cold March day and features The Buffalo Contact Improv Jam Group and music by Daniel Kolb.

The art and dancing were curated to highlight the beauty and fluidity of the female form. The paintings, drawings, photography and print work were hung chronologically beginning with 19th Century Art Nouveau and ending with the most recent paintings by legendary figural painter Bruce Adams.

The event was a HUGE success. Despite delayed deliveries, bad weather and a bandits game,  which tied up parking, everything played out beyond our most hopeful expectations. We had over 300 visitors to this amazing exhibition, sold several pieces of artwork, and increased awareness of the impressive dance community, which is growing exponentially in Buffalo.